1 CZ TGE Transmission - Central Europe +420 776 888 188 info@tge.cz 2 RUS TGE Rus - Russia +7 967 25 44 777 info@tgerus.ru 3 ME TGE Transmission - Middle East +420 724 088 472 ghorbani@tge-transmission.com 4 ASIA TGE Transmission - Central Asia +99 899 851 7089 exporta-ca@exporta.cz 5 AMERICA TGE Transmission - Americas +420 777 273 045 azulex@azulex.com Slide TGE Transmission engineers, manufactures and supplies complete drive solutions worldwide. We provide high-quality gear units, overhauls, upgrade services and components encompassing gearwheels, gearbox parts, couplings, bearings and drive monitoring systems.

Continuing the tradition of industrial engineering and supply in Pilsen, Czech Republic (EU), TGE Transmission provides high-end economical and reliable solutions to its clients.
TGE Industrial transmissions

Delivering optimum solutions for all heavy industry applications

TGE Transmission provides wide range of products and services to its clients. Our dedicated and experienced team cares throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Our mission

meet the needs of our clients

supply the best quality

provide economical and long-lasting solutions

Our Vision

drive innovations which bring benefit to clients

Standard warranty

Product variants

Power range

Weight range


Design and selection

TGE Transmission provides the best solution for the individual application. We care for the specific needs of the client. Our engineering and project management team employs long experience as a reliable provider to heavy industry and helps to select the right solution.


Production and supply

TGE Transmission brings quality and reliability to its clients. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. TGE Transmission implements strict quality management processes. Quality assurance inspections, tests and third party certifications are standard.


Implementation and service

TGE Transmission cares – for us, the project does not end with delivery. We provide our clients worldwide with installation services as well as extensive after-sales services.

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