PW – Planetary Winch Gearbox

PW - Planetary Winch Gearbox


Highly modular design.

Compact structure, small size and light weight.

Wide range of transmission ratio, high efficiency, stable operation and low noise.

Several planet wheels transmit load at the same time, so that power is shunted, to realize the composition and decomposition of the motion.

Can be installed directly inside the drum, save space, especially in the case of narrow space, it is a more economical solution.

Housing and planet carrier are designed through computer simulated deformation and stress analysis.

Technical data

SizeOutput torque RatioSingle rope pull
PW220 – PW232
PW320 – PW332
PW420 – PW440
11 kNm – 1 500 kNm13 – 94069 kN – 1 950 kN

Main application industries

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