PS – Planetary Slewing Gearbox

PS - Planetary Slewing Gearbox

PS - Planetary Slewing Gearbox


Highly modular design.

Low noise, low cost, compact and standardized design.

Large range of transmissions, high efficiency.

High power density, small size, low weight, compact design, several planet gears carry the load simultaneously, so that the gear load is evenly distributed.

Mounting with two flanges, the bottom is eccentric to adjust the tooth clearance between the pinion and the ring.

From more than 90% modular design, international production, faster production and logistics cycles.

Planetary stages designed according to the simulation of deformation and load during heavy load operation.

Technical data

SizeOutput torque RatioInput power
PS220 – PS232
PS320 – PS336
PS420 – PS436
11 kNm – 590 kNm14 – 9471 kW – 2 500 kW

Main application industries

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