K – Bevel-helical gearmotor

K – Bevel-helical gearmotor

K – Bevel–helical gearmotor


Gearmotor with flexible and modular design.

Orthogonal transmission structure saves mounting space and meets the needs of various transmission structures.

The FEA design of the casting housing improves the stability of operation and seismic performance by 30%.

Up to 94% modular design, international production, faster production and logistics cycles.

High reliability and long design life can effectively reduce your use and maintenance costs.

A variety of output and assemblies can meet more than 400 mounting cases.

Technical data

SizeOutput torque RatioInput power
K303 – K318150 Nm – 58 000 Nm4 – 180 (imax 13 512)0.12 kW – 704 kW

Main application industries

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