Thanks to its extensive experience in heavy industry sectors, TGE offers customized solutions for the metal processing sector. Designed and produced to operate with high efficiency in most harsh and dusty environments, TGE gearboxes and couplings meet the special needs of this sector. TGE gearboxes and couplings operate with maximum reliability in rolling mills, conveyors, pot transfer cars, cranes and other applications in metal processing plants.


Rolling Mills


Pot Transfer Cars


Your benefites at a glance:

Robust housing and high quality materials

High reliability and long operating lifetime

High efficiency

Low maintenance costs

Low noise and low vibration operation thanks to precision machining of housings and ground gears

Special oil seal and coating options for harsh operating conditions

Flexible optional accessories such as auxiliary drive, customized output shafts, back-stops, brakes, lubrication and cooling systems

Complete solutions with motor, input coupling, gearbox and output coupling on a steel base frame

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