Customized gearboxes


Customized Gearboxes

Customized and special products

In addition to our wide product range of standard gearboxes, TGE Transmission offers high-quality customized gearboxes and special gearboxes.

Our products are developed on highest tandards and tailor-made for your application. TGE Transmission dedicated engineering team will be glad to design an unique gearbox to suit your solution and the requirements of your industry.

TGE Transmission focuses on bringing its clients high-quality, reliable and economical solutions.

We look back at a long experience in the engineering and manufacturing of customized and special gearboxes for demanding applications for different industries.

Our engineering team cooperates with universities in order to develop and implement most recent technical solutions. TGE Transmission mission is to implement know how that makes your application even more reliable and economic.

Close cooperation with our client in order to understand their needs is key to us. We offer remote services as well as site visits in order to provide the best in class services to you.

A dedicated project manager will take care of your needs throughout the life cycle of the project.

Compatible products

In case you application requires a duplicate product, TGE Transmission will be happy to help you find a solution.

Our services range from manufacturing of whole units fitting your criteria to the supply of new interchangeable components.

We use modern manufacturing techniques and improved materials in order to offer you a more efficient twin solution for your current application.

Dedication to quality

TGE Transmission customized products demonstrate high quality and reliability.

To prove our dedication to delivering quality to the client, TGE Transmission is offering to its clients warranty beyond the market standard periods.

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