TGE Transmission offers an exensive range of services. We care for the needs of our clients throughout the life-cycle of their project with focus on availability of the product.

We provide reliable products and efficient services that allow you
to concentrate on what is most important – to successfully run your operations.

Benefits we bring to the client:

Services through the whole project lifecycle

High-quality services and materials employed

Economical and time-efficient solutions

Overhaul, modernization and retrofit for a wide range of products

Repair services for a wide range of products

Increased availability and reliability

Short delivery time

Option for extended warranty period

Our services in detail:

Engineering and pre-sales consultation

We offer the best product to your individual needs. Besides standard products, TGE Transmission will be glad to provide customized solutions for your application.

Technical support for our products

Our specialist team will gladly provide you with individual technical support regarding any issues or questions you may encounter, be it with regard to operation, specific functions, handling or troubleshooting.

In addition to the quick services of our mobile team, TGE Transmission offers modern remote diagnostic services allowing for efficient solutions.

Broad portfolio of spare parts

Spare parts are availabe on very short notice to our clients worldwide.

TGE Transmission offers individual repair and spare part packages for standard as well as individual products. The set of spare parts and mounting accessories is chosen based on long operation experience. Express delivery services are available.

After-sales diagnosis and repair service for a wide range of products

TGE Transmission provides quick and high-quality diagnosis and repair services. We will evalute the situation and provide you with a detailed proposal for a most efficient solution.

Our expert team offers professional repair or replacement of the damages parts, quickly restoring the function of the product.

The diagnosis and repair actions are being transparently documented.

Overhaul services for a wide range of products

Ordering our overhaul services for the product installed in your plant increases availability and reduces your product life-cycle cost.

We provide time and cost-efficient services.

Our experts will access the condition of the product and provide a detailed action plan with our offer. Normally, the activities include oil change, replacement of wearing and aging parts and testing. We provide high-quality parts and services.

Modernization and retrofit for a wide range of products

Replacement or retrofit of older equipment with state-of-the-art products from TGE Transmission proved to be very efficient for our clients.

We offer flexible solutions that lead to optimalization of costs and increased availability and reliability.

The project starts with assessment of your equipment. Our experts will deliver a detailed proposal for modernization or retrofit. We will accompany you throughout the process.

Modifications may be conducted onsite as well as in our production facilities.

TGE Transmission provides options for extended warranty periods beyond market standard.

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